Strolling down the Bethany Boardwalk, a friend and I were stopped in our tracks awestricken by an adorable grandmother, mother and daughter trio strutting in these eye-catching flip flops. 

We had to have them; better yet, we had to make them. Even better, I had to blog about them. These flips flops are great for beaching or even as shower flips flops that add color and glam to your dingy communal bathroom. 

What you’ll need:

1 Pair of Simple Flip Flops 

1-2  Package(s) of Water Balloons



Starting from the middle, one-by-one, tie the water balloons around the band of the flips flop. On either side of the thong, cover about 3/4 of the bands with assorted balloons. Repeat these steps on the other flip flop. The work is a little tedious, but takes less than an hour. Try some variations with the color patterns or materials. You can try adding charms or tying ribbons around instead. Never be afraid to be creative!