Just moved into a new apartment and need help distinguishing your apartment keys from the rest on your pesky keychain? Well there’s a simple fix for that: Nail polish!

I got a new set of keys this year and I decided that the way to differentiate the three would be to paint them in different colored nail polishes, which is both smart and cute.

First things first: Pick out the colors you want and set up a workspace. I’m a daredevil so I decided that my bed complete with a towel would be an okay spot to paint my keys, but if your hands aren’t as steady as mine, then you can try your desk or a hard surface on the floor.

Second of all: Make sure your keys are clean. You don’t want any debris on them as it makes for a bad canvas for your paint.

Lets get to painting: Once you’ve chosen your colors and made sure your keys were clean, its time to have fun! I just painted mine pastel colors and then topped them off with a layer of glitter, but if you want to be more creative you can add polka dots, stripes and even make your key multicolored.



Things to remember: Don’t paint past the base of the key; it would interfere with your ability to get into your house. If you mess up no worries! That’s what nail polish remover is for. Here’s an example of a key I hated and then revamped.