I recently picked up a package of 180 sheets of scrapbook paper for $20.  If you know scrapbook supplies, then you know this is a bargain!  There’s no way I could use all of those sheets in a scrapbook, so I’ve come up with some ways to incorporate the paper into my dorm decorations.  Try these tips to give your boring storage a makeover!

Sterilite drawers are every college student’s packing list, but they’re just so ugly and industrial-looking.  These small drawers are the perfect size for pens and pencils.  I traced the outline of each drawer onto pretty scrapbook paper, then cut out the pattern and trimmed it down until it fit inside the drawer perfectly.  I also decorated the drawer handles with gold acrylic paint and gold glitter.

For large drawers, I cut scrapbook paper to fit the front of the drawers and used clear double-sized tape to stick it in place.

I love this lucite cosmetic organizer, but it needed a makeover.  I used the same trace, trim, and place method with pink lined paper.  I added some rhinestones for good measure.