Every spring around the end of the school year I am always bombarded with Mother’s Day, my mom’s birthday, and a few friend’s birthdays. Therefore, I am always on the hunt for inexpensive and cute things that I can get or make for everyone. This year I decided to try and recreate some gift tags inspired by these beautiful ones from Leslie Shewring’s “A Creative Mint” blog.

    While I was making them I was getting frustrated because they weren’t turning out as well as Leslie’s, but after the watercolors dried they looked much better and I really like how they turned out! I used watercolor to do the heart and “A,” and just markers and black pen on the nametags. It’s amazing how easy they are to make, and they can really transform a plain package into a pretty and personalized present!

 One suggestion for the nametags is to write the name in marker first, then go back and lightly outline it with black pen. Also, when using watercolors make sure and be patient! Don’t try painting two different colors next to each other unless you want them to mix, wait until one is dry.