Think jewelry can only be used to accessorize your outfit? Think again! Jewelry can be the most glamorous accessory for your walls and can spruce up any piece of furniture in your dorm room! There are so many inexpensive and resourceful ways to organize your jewelry; all you need is some creativity and a ravishing set of jewels and you’re good to go!

Below are a few innovative ways I use my jewelry to embellish my room!

Thumbtacks: This is not only an easy way to keep your necklaces untangled, but it allows you to show off the exquisite taste in jewelry you have! 

Old Baskets: Have some old soap and lotion gift baskets that you don’t know what to do with? This gift basket from Bath & Body Works has fulfilled more uses than I’m sure was originally intended. These baskets are good for headbands, bracelets, or anything loose hanging around that you don’t know how to organize.

Hangers: Yes, hangers can be used for jewelry! Get creative and decorate your hangers in fun ways that represent your personality. I took colorful string to wrap around my hanger to bring life and luster to my room!

Wine Glass: This isn’t the typical use for a wine glass; however, if you want to keep all your small jewels together, a glass, cup, or bowl is an easy way to do so! This glass, with my initial “K” on it, was given to me by my amazing roommate for my 20th birthday!


Here are a few dorm decorating products to help get your creative juices flowing. Do you have any unique dorm room decor ideas? Feel free to share it!