As graduation nears, my excitement for designing my dorm room only grows stronger. I find myself spending hours looking up ideas and decor on websites ranging from Pinterest to Tumblr. Recently, my current obsession is all of the great DIY projects that are out there to try for your dorm. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Painted Tile Pinboard 

 I love this idea because it adds a little something extra to an ordinary bulletin board. The steps are easy and the modern touch the of the geometric pattern can really transform a space. For steps on how to create this board visit thehappyhomeblog .

2. Button Monograms

I pretty much have always loved anything monogramed but lately I’ve seen so many cute DIY monogram ideas. My favorite is a button monogram like the one pictured above. I’ve seen this idea translated so many different ways with various buttons on either canvas or burlap. It’s safe to say something in my dorm room will be have a big ” T ” monogramed on it. For easy step by step instructions on this DIY visit spearmint baby.  

3. Hanging Paper Flowers

Last, but not least, I love all of the great ideas for paper flowers or lanterns to hang up in your dorm room. Matching them to your dorm room decor is as easy as just purchasing different tissue papers. There are so many restrictions about hanging lights in your dorm so these hanging flowers are an adorable alternative. This DIY is simple, easy, and best of all cheap! Find the steps at sewsweetstitches.