This is a great alternative to some of the other DIY jewelry tray projects I’ve seen floating around the internet.  I used plates from Target as well as a round paint plate that I found. I filled the spots in the middle plate with earrings and rings and filled the other levels with jewelry and hair accessories. Using these plates from Target is especially great if you purchased any of Target’s dorm bedding or other accessories, because they have a lot of plates to match perfectly with your room! Keep reading to learn how to create this look. 

1.) Materials Needed: 2 dowel rods cut to size; 3 plates of different sizes & patterns; glue gun & glue sticks; paint & paint brush
2.) Paint both dowel rods.
3.) Get your glue gun and attach glue to the bottom of the first dowel rod.
4.) Attach the dowel to the center of the largest plate.
5.) Put glue on the top of the dowel and attach the second plate.
6.) Put glue on the bottom of the second dowel and place in the center of the second plate
7.) Put glue on the top of the second dowel and attach your last and smallest plate to the top.

For a total cost of only about $8.00 this is a great way to add some style to your dorm or apartment and create great storage at the same time.  Looking for more jewelry or makeup storage? Buy some Mason Jars and fill them with makeup brushes, mascaras, and other makeup and jewelry.  Turn the lids upside down to hold bobby pins and hair ties.  It’s such a great way to utilize all of the parts of the Mason Jars and add more style and organization to your vanity or anywhere else in your dorm or apartment.

Leave any more ideas you have for vanity, makeup, and jewelry organization in the comments below.