Summer is here, which for many means more time to devote to all those crafts we’ve been pinning on Pinterest or seeing on other Dormify blogs. As I started moving into my apartment this past week, I saw how much white wall space I would be able to fill and began contemplating different ways to add spice to my walls. I picked a colorful bedspread from Urban Outfitters (that I’m obsessed with), because I knew I wanted to be able to incorporate as many accent colors as I could into other decorations, like wall decor. If you haven’t checked out this Dormify blog on DIY: Wall Decor, then I definitely recommend you do because it gave me a lot of ideas for how I could spruce up my new bedroom!

With spare white picture frames and time on my hands in Charlottesville, I decided to take a trip down to Michael’s and gather supplies to mod podge my frames, so they’d add spice to my walls and better match my bedspread. Here are simple steps to add funk to your walls in a timely and inexpensive manner:


Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

What you’ll need is an inexpensive frame (look at Target, WalMart, craft store or a dollar store), a paint brush, some old newspaper, a pair of scissors, some pieces of construction or scrap booking paper and Mod Podge (or check out this blog to make your own Mod Podge). If you choose to buy the brand name Mod Podge, pay attention to the label because there are many different finishes they offer. I decided to pick a glossy finish for this project. All of these things you be purchased at a craft store, and they’re really inexpensive items!

Step 2: Cut Up Your Paper

I wanted a design that had a mix of colors and prints, so I picked some turquoise, black, purple, orange, red, tan, green, a leaf print and two different black and white designs. I would recommend picking at least two different prints or colors for more of a fun design, but it’s up to you! I cut these down into little squares and other fun shapes- again it’s up to you how funky you want to make it!


Step 3: Set Up and Begin to Mod Podge!

Take off the back and glass parts of the picture frame, so it’s just the frame itself, and place it down on top of your newspaper so you don’t ruin the surface your crafting on. Take your paint brush, LIGHTLY dip it into the Mod Podge (a little goes a long way) and brush it right onto the frame itself. You can also brush the Mod Podge on the back of the scrap of paper itself before sticking it on the frame.


Step 4: Smooth and Hold

Once you place your scraps of paper on the picture frame, make sure you smooth it down making sure there are no air bubbles or extra glue underneath. You want to focus on smoothing the edges of the paper against the surface of the frame and hold it down for a few seconds until all edges stay down on their own. From here, it’s your decision how you want to overlap and collage the different pieces of paper on your frame. Some people have a specific pattern, while others just go with the flow. I would keep in mind that you don’t want to put a lot of paper on the inside part of the picture frame so that you can still fit the glass, picture and back in without struggles later. 


Step 5: Overlap and Put a Final Coat On

I decided to put down enough paper to cover the entire frame and then cut out small triangles or cool shapes to overlap even further. After I felt good about my design, I used my paint brush to paint an adequate amount of Mod Podge all over the frame where I put the paper for a final sealing. Let the frame dry for a few hours- a day or two depending on the project.


Step 6: Put Your Picture In

Finally, you get to put your picture, quote, print or whatever you’d like inside the frame! Rather than searching for cool picture frames, make your own! It’s a lot more easy, inexpensive and fun!

This would be the perfect thing to make for a grad present, birthday present, big-little week, holidays or just for yourself!