After months of searching for a perfect night stand I came across this beautiful nail-head trim side table on Pinterest. This DIY project is simple and inexpensive! This is one of the few DIY projects that really is as easy as it looks.  It is a classy table that can be used in any dorm room or apartment to get a high end look on a college girl budget. 


2 Ikea Lack Side Tables ($7.99 each) Available at Ikea:

Nail-head Trim ($19.99)  Available at local craft store


1. Assemble 1 table

2. Glue second table top to the bottom of the table and let dry overnight

3. Line up nail-head trim along the lines of the table

(Hint: The nail-head trim I bought came in a line so I only had to nail every 5th nail) 

Final Product: 


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