Pictures are worth a thousand words- but they can also be worth a smile, a laugh and a memory. Heading to college doesn’t have to mean living in a dorm room without personality, and it definitely does not mean having to leave the old memories behind! Today, I am here to inspire you with ways to personalize your space with pictures, from little reminders of back home- family and friends, to hobbies, motivations and passions. They can be your biggest pick-me-ups when you need it most!

I chose a DIY canvas bulletin board for my first year. It was fun to make, held tons of pictures and made it easy to change  my memories in and out throughout the year. All I needed was a canvas board (which I found at my local craft store), a fabric of my choice (pastel pink polka dot), ribbon (pink as well) and little buttons or decals to adhere the ribbon (in my case little fabric flowers). From there, I attached the fabric with a staple-gun, measured the ribbon and stapled that to the fabric-covered canvas. I sewed on my flowers atop the crossed ribbon sections, and it was finished! Simple, chic and practical.

This year, I am going outside the box and mixing in more color and accents that really pop! I am going to go to the dollar store and buy between 15 to 20 simple picture frames. From there, I am hitting the local hardware store and finding bold, bright and sophisticated spray paint (preferably in 2, coordinating colors) and working my magic. What magic you ask? Well, just dividing them up and spraying half of total the store-bought frames with each color- adding my favorite pictures (in a combination of black and white, color and sepia-depending on my spray paint choice) and arranging them on the wall in a fun, funky pattern. It can be accented on my desktop as well, as I will carry over the colors on a few desktop frames and maybe some accents like pencil-holders, lamps or even flowers. Chic, stylish and inexpensive-perfect!

Whatever your style may be, I am here to show you that there are options out there for you! If you need addition inspiration, don’t hesitate to ask- I’m sure I can help.