You know that old tank top you bought to dress up as Puss ‘n’ Boots as a last minute costume for a Heroes and Villains party last year? You don’t? Oh, right, that tank top’s mine. But I know we all have a few t-shirts in the bottom of our drawers that we rarely ever wear that could totally use a makeover. This tutorial will teach you how to up-cycle these garments into something new, fun and totally trendy. 

You will need: An old item of clothing (any color will work, but the darker the fabric the more drastic the design will be), gloves (rubber gloves or latex are fine), bleach, a bucket or container to put the bleach in, a towel or piece of cardboard to put inside the shirt to prevent the bleach from bleeding to the other side and tape/old paintbrush/old rag.  



Start by lying your shirt down on a flat surface in a very well ventilated room, or better yet outside, and put a towel inside of your shirt to prevent bleeding. Pour your bleach into your container, you won’t need much, and add a few drops of water to thin it out just a bit. Now comes the fun part: designing. I’m a gigantic Kings of Leon fan, so I recreated their drum design with tape on my tank top. However, the sky is the limit. You could outline a cross, spell out your name or do whatever you like!

Now, put on your protective gloves and dip your rag (or paintbrush if you’re doing the designing yourself) into the bleach and go around the tape to create an outline of bleach. Don’t be scared to drip or get messy! I ended up splattering bleach all over the front and back of the tank for a more rugged look. I dabbed around the design about three times and then let it sit for around ten minutes, but use your own judgement to create the  desired effect.

After letting it sit for a few minutes, peel the tape off and throw the shirt in the washer (by itself) on the coldest cycle with just a drop of detergent to get the excess bleach out. 


 And there you have it, kids. An easy, do-it-yourself design that makes your old ratty T-shirt look like something you bought from Forever-21. I also ended up cutting around the bottom of my tank to add extra trendy fringe! Add me on Facebook and Twitter and let me know how yours turns out!