When your summer is boring you and all you can think about is the new school your attending in the fall, what better way to prepare than a DIY school T-shirt! You’ll definitely stand out in your school crowd when you have one-of-a-kind school paraphernalia. There are so many things you can customize online with school colors and logos, but it’s easier, cheaper and more fun to make them on your own at home!

Once you get to school you’ll find yourself having way too many T-shirts to fit in any normal sized drawer. One of my favorite things to do before a football game or themed party is to customize them by cutting and tying pieces of the shirt. Why not get a head start and make one to bring to school? It only takes three easy steps.



Step 1: Get all your friends together in someone’s kitchen or backyard and create a tie-dying station. Make sure you have everyone’s school colors and tons of plain white T-shirts. Tie-dying is easy; all you need is water, rubber bands and dye. (You can purchase all of these items at your local craft store.)

Step 2: After everyone’s shirt is tie-dyed and dried, the next step is to cut fringes on the bottom of the shirt. You’re going to want to cut them longer than you think you want them to be, because once you add beads and tie a knot to the bottom they’ll become shorter. All of the fringes should be about an inch thick, because they will roll up as you wear the shirt.

Step 3: The final step is to add beads to the fringes. You wont need more then 100 beads for the entire shirt. Pick you school colors and make a pattern on all the fringes. Finish off each fringe with a couple of sturdy knots.


Voila! You have made your own school T-shirt at a price better than the school discount at the campus bookstore!