The bond between a big and a little is something that very few understand. And to start this relationship, most sororities have the big and littles exchange presents. So I’ve put together a list to help with deciding what to add to your basket.

  1. Paddle. A paddle is something that you will want to hold onto well after college. This should be the focual point of the basket. For tips on how to make the perfect paddle, check out fellow style advior Chandler Taylors post here.
  2. Picture Frames. Such a great way to keep memories. Either add in your own picture or leave it empty for your little to put in her own.
  3. Pin Box. So cute and simple. Add your letters and both of your names to make it even more speacial. Most sororities dont get their pins until later in the year, so put something in the box. At most Greek shops you can find lavaliers or charms that are perfect.
  4. Blanket. One of my favorite things my big got for me was a blanket that had our letters and my name embroidered. A blanket is such a great gift, because you can take it anywhere! Most of the other gifts will stay in one place, but your little can take the blanket on trips and show off her letters!
  5. A Note. Rushing and becoming a new member is so stressful, so a personalized note from her big is sure to make your little happy. Tell her how much you care and are excited for her to finally be a sister! The note my big gave me on initiation night is framed in my room.

Whatever you give your little just make sure it’s personalized. Show that you know her and are excited for her to join your sorority, and you can’t go wrong. Also, make sure you check out Dormify’s large selection of sorority apparel and gifts!