For me and many other college women, sorority recruitment is right around the corner. I was bored at home this past winter break, so I decided to start making gifts for my future little. Translation: I spent over an hour in Michael’s, and two more hours in my basement crafting. 

Getting a “big sister” is one of the most exciting aspects of joining a sorority, so I want my little to feel loved! For those who are not familiar with recruitment, each new girl in a sorority is paired with one of the girls in an older pledge class. The “big sister” introduces her little sister to other members of the chapter and helps her feel more comfortable. The big/little process is great because joining a sorority can be intimidating, especially at big schools with 100 or more girls in every chapter (like Virginia Tech!)

Before the new members finds out who her big sister is, she gets clues. The clues are facts about her big sister to help her guess who she is paired with. With each clue comes a basket full of goodies. Here are the crafts I’ve made for my future little so far:

 To make this bulletin board, I first bought a plain cork board. I put tape around the inside edges to paint the border turquoise, then went over it with one coat of sparkly gold paint. I painted the inside with three coats of the same gold paint and put the cheetah-print letters on using tacky glue. Lastly, I used a staple gun to attach the cheetah ribbon to hang the cork board.

This wineglass was super easy to make! I bought a plain wine glass and put two strips of tape at the top to make sure I painted in a straight line. I had to do three coats of paint to hide my brushstrokes. I chose these colors of paint because scarlet and olive are Alpha Chi Omega’s colors. The pearl is one of our symbols, so I used tacky glue to attach the pearls around the paint. 

These framed letters were easy to make as well. I bought plain silver picture frames and filled them with scrapbook paper. I made a stencil for the letters by printing out a huge version of them on white paper, cutting them out, and using the white version to make an outline on the red scrapbook paper. Then I outlined the edges of the letters with silver puffy paint and hot glued silver ribbon to the top of the frames to hang them. 

These craft ideas don’t have to be used for sorority purposes! The framed letters would look great with initials, and the bulletin board can spice up any boring dorm room. I hope my future little likes what I’ve decorated for her, hopefully she doesn’t see this post beforehand!