Living in a dorm room there is never enough space so it helps to buy multi-use items and know how to organize in order to get the most out of what you have. I’m here to help with these amazing things called Command Strips.

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They are adhesive strips that you can adhere to any flat surface: plastic, glass, metal, wood, drywall, anywhere! Command Strips have a little tab at the end of the adhesive that allows them to be removed cleanly from any surface. The strips are perfect alone for hanging posters but they also sell many different types of hooks to hang things from the wall. This is the perfect item for dorm rooms! I use my hooks to organize everything:


My pictures on the wall

My calendar (I had to fit a paperclip to the hook so that it could hang but it works very well!)

My dreamcatcher & keys. This is an excellent idea for anyone who loses small things easily like their keys or cell phone. Your room key and ID card will be necessary for you to always have with you in college. At Marist, I need it to swipe into my building, unlock my door, buy food in the dining hall, go to campus events, and more. I always hang my keys on their hook so that I can be sure I won’t forget them when I leave the room.

My purses and bags. I love being able to have a place to store my bags, keep them off the floor and ready to use when I need them. I put these hooks in the back of my closet so my clothes still have room to hang in front of them.

My towel. You’ll quickly realize that in a dorm room there are very few places you’ll want to leave your wet towel after a shower. My solution: buy a heavy duty utility Command hook to hang it on the wall, behind your door, or in the back of your closet so you have a place to hang your towel