I absolutely love buying big scented candles! My favorite are the Capri Blue Mercury candles that come in a mirrored decorative jar. Not only are they pretty, but their scent is to die for! Unfortunately, I burn candles so much that I tend to go through them pretty quickly. But today I am going to give you four different ways to salvage your pretty candle jars and put them to good use! 

After your favorite candle has been burnt to the last spark (or melted by a candle warmer for those of you in dorm rooms) and can’t be burned anymore, don’t be upset– turn it into a key decorating piece! The first and only step is very easy, all you have to do is remove all of the remaining wax from the bottom of the candle. To do so, there are two different ways (one may work easier then other depending on your specific candle). For candles with soft wax, use a spoon to dig out the wax and it should come out easily. For candles with harder wax, place in the freezer for a couple hours and come back to remove the wax after it has been frozen, for easier removal. When the jar is empty, you can put it in the dishwasher or hand wash and once it’s shiny and clean you have a a brand new decorative jar!

Here are my top 4 ideas on how to turn trash into treasure and reuse a candle jar!

1. Use as a decorative pencil jar to adorn your desk!

2. Use as a flower vase! The size is perfect for a desk or bedside table!

3. Use as a makeup brush holder! It’s adds a very chic and vintage look to any dresser!

TIP: Pour a bag of dried peas or rice into the jar (found at any grocery store) so the brushes stand vertical and in place!

4. Put a small votive candle in the bottom of the jar for the same luminary affect as a real candle, just without the scent!

…and continue to enjoy!