Yes, I know. The above title and rap song by Lil Jon is pretty old and over-played. But it is my first post ever, so give a girl a break!  Besides, I have some fabulous, creative and inexpensive ways to transform your blank walls (and doors) from BORING to BANGIN!

*BANGIN: My adjective of choice for everything that is fabulous, hot, amazing, etc. Must always write BANGIN in all caps because you’re referring to something with excitement and extreme enthusiasm.

Boring walls – Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe Black & White Posters. Yes, they are THE style and beauty icons of our time. Yes, I have Audrey on the walls of my bedroom at school AND at home. Guilty. However, Audrey and Marilyn posters are available everywhere, thus making the posters generic and common versus unique and original.

BANGIN walls – Old record sleeves. After perusing in my garage for a little while, I came across all of my dad’s old records: The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Van Morrison, the list goes on. Thank god my dad was a raging hippie back in the day. Every year of college, I evenly space and fill an entire wall with his record sleeves and honestly…it looks BANGIN. Since album covers are already constructed as sleeves, the only materials necessary to turn them into a totally flat but generously sized pieces of art are a pair of scissors and foam mounting squares. Last year I had a few albums to spare, so I propped them up on the mantle of my fireplace, which mimicked my wall. Do I even have to say it? BANG-IN.

Boring walls – Taping all your “fav” pictures of your bffs on your wall! I love pictures. Could look at pictures (and probably do) all day, everyday. BUT there are better ways to display your favorite pictures than taping them in a grid, heart, or peace sign shape on your wall.

BANGIN walls – First, print out all of your favorite pictures in Black & White. Next, buy a pack of clothespins and any colored string (ribbon, cord). Next, simply clip one picture to each close pin and attach the close pin to the string or directly to the wall. Due to the fact I have slight OCD, I usually choose a set amount of rows and columns, but this picture project will look BANGIN whether it is symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Boring Bedroom Door – A door.

BANGIN Bedroom Door – Blowing up a funny solo shot of each roommate (in Black & White) and putting it up on their bedroom door. Adds a sense of humor and personal touch to the apartment!

You can use all of these DIY projects to spice up your walls (and doors). Dormify also has prints, picture frames and wall decals that are BANGIN! However you decide to deck out your walls, we want to see it! Post pictures of your creative wall decorations to our facebook page.