I’ve had an obsession with saving all my ticket stubs from events and movies that I attend since I began high school. Maybe I’m just the youngest candidate ever to be considered for the television show “Hoarders,” but I think I can make something really unique in the future! As of now, I probably have 100 movie tickets and 75 train tickets. What I plan to do with them in the future is make a collage for each type of ticket. My train tickets will mostly be from my years in college and remind me of all the fun times I had in the Windy City. A large majority of my movie tickets range from when I was in middle school to high school, so those would inevitably remind me of my old friends and all the fun times we had at our hometown movie theater (not to mention the movie theater parking lot)!

You could create a variety of memory boards using a combination of ticket stubs, pictures, and little mementos for each year of college to hang in your next year’s dorm room or apartment!

If you decide to pursue this lengthy DIY project, let me know how it turns out by leaving a comment below!