Pinterest, an online pin board, has been the talk of my school and I have recently started to take part in the site myself. You can like posts, organize posts into different boards, and see what your friends post. Through pinterest I have found several posts that have inspired what I have done to my apartment and what I intend to do.

One of the first pictures I came across on pinterest was a picture of a dorm room. I remember looking at the picture and wanting my room to look like that one. There were white lights around the room, positive quotes, and pictures, all arranged in a nice manner. Pinterest has so many pictures that can inspire design. Whether it’s how to make your own candle, which could become the centerpiece on a coffee table, or a picture of a living room that becomes your dream living room, you can find pictures to inspire how you design your space. There are also pictures of door hangings you can make your self, arts and crafts that can become a nice decoration, and pictures of rooms that can easily inspire you. Another one of my favorites is a picture of a season or food with paint chips next to it showing you how to get the feel of that when decorating.

If you want inspiration on design from pinterest search design, dorm room décor, or anything you are looking for in the search bar and you will find many, many options. This is a great (and addicting) site and I look forward to discovering more design tips and gaining more inspiration from pinterest. How has pinterest inspired you?