Graduate School is definitely tough; it like being a teenager all over again.  That’s probably why we go completely BEZEERK when it comes to back to school shopping.  Whether it’s school supplies or home decor, here’s some tips that can help you out!

Now that you are a graduate student on your own (for real this time) and you on-campus assistantship is paying close to nothing an hour.  How are you going to get your snacks and groceries?  Your textbooks?  New clothes?  Here are some great tips on how you can save the old mighty dollar!

Coupons are the best way to save money on things you love!  A great idea is to create an email strictly for store newsletters and coupons.  That way you have all of your savings in one place!  :)  You may want to create a filter on your email provider.  

Frequent shopper cards are your friend!  I have one from Hallmark, Panera Bread, Kroger!   I also used my Kroger card to sign up for P&G e-saver.  Each month you can save up to $100 or so in every day groceries!

Samples are another friend.  Instead of trying a whole product, it would be ideal to use the travel size samplers or request a sample from the website.  Many times when you go to the product’s website, you can receive coupons to try products.  I got several coupons to try Silk’s new Fruit & Protein juices.  I also buy travel size, especially on things that I don’t use frequently, like shaving cream.

DIYs are great as well as cost effective.  I surf Pinterest all the time for awesome and cost-effective projects!  Instead of buying a $30 shirt, you could make it yourself!  Check out Dormify’s Dorm Room Dreaming board – style advisors are posting cool DIY projects, among other things!

Hopefully these tips helped you out!  Check out other posts I’ve done here and here.  Also don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board, Budget$.