As a tradition in my sorority, the little’s of the sisters that are graduating make a scrapbook of their life in college or as a Sig Delt, using pictures or memorabilia that they have saved over the year. I got to help my big make a scrapbook for her big this year. It was a lot of fun. Her big gave her pictures she wanted and we got to decorate each page with them. This is a good way to have the girls that are graduating remember the amazing time they had in college and be proud to be a sig delt. This is also a good way for their little’s to show how their bigs mean to them.


This year we have 9 girls graduating. A tradition we have is writing a letter to each sister congratulating them, telling memories and stories, wishing them good luck in the real world, or just telling them that you love them. We give each letter to their little’s to do what they please with them. This is a simple, cheap way to show respect for the seniors that are graduating.