Having trouble deciding what you want to dress up as for Halloween this year? Here are some costumes that you can dress up as this Halloween season. I have created easy ways to put these costumes together without spending a ton and still looking great!


A Super Hero: A super hero is a great costume to dress up as with a group of friends. Everyone can be a different super hero with a cape a mask and a shirt! You can even draw the super hero’s logo right on the front of the shirt with fabric paint.

An Angel/Devil: For this one all you have to do is dress in all red or white and get wings or ears depending on which costume you decide to be! No need to buy a whole new outfit just find solid colors in your own closet.


A Flashdance costume: This one is super easy and you may be able to use all of your own clothes. I would suggest a bright color scrunchie, leg warmers, a cut off sweatshirt and a leotard. Put your hair in a side ponytail and grab a pair of heels and you’re all set.


Where’s Waldo: This one is a classic. Take a white t-shirt and use either marker or fabric paint and make the stripes red and white. Wear black shorts or jeans, find an old beanie hat and a pair of sunglasses that you can pop the lenses out of. (I suggest checking the dollar store for an affordable pair)


A Greek Goddess: This is easy as long as you have an old bed sheet. You can cut the sheet to make a toga and add some gold string to wrap around your head and around the toga.


A baby: Find an old pair of PJs or grab a pair from Target or Walmart, an old bib and baby bottle and put your hair in pig tails!


The Seven Deadly Sins: This is a great costume for seven friends, each of you choose a different sin and dress up. You can each stick to the color that most represents the sin add fishnet stockings, a boa and small accessories. An example is greed. Stick to a green boa, green beads, and some paper money and add extra jewelry and there you go!


An Athlete: For this costume you can wear a backwards hat, visor, sweatband, or anything you can think of for your hair. A pair of shorts, a pinny, high socks and sneakers. To add to this you can add eye black to look extra tough!


A cowgirl: To be a cowgirl find a plaid shirt, jean shorts/skirt, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat and you are ready to go. Braid your hair in pigtail braids you have the perfect cowgirl!


Risky Business Costume: For the Risky Business costume all you need is to find a an oversized button down, shorts, high socks and sunglasses. Tassle your hair and don’t wear shoes and your set to go!


Hopefully these costume ideas will make you have a fun Halloween! Why spend so much when you can go all out from your very own closet! Trick-or-Treat!