Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with school work or other activities that you never know how to start it all?

I have found that making daily to-do lists are the perfect way to overcome stress and organize your life. I am someone who needs to have everything planned out for my day. If there is a change in my schedule it can throw off my whole day. What I like to do is make lists of things that I have to finish by a certain date. Whether it is school work, sending a letter, painting my nails or even meeting someone to talk it needs to be in on my post it for that date.

When you complete those tasks and can cross them out it is the best feeling in the world! For instance, right around now (the dreaded 3 weeks before finals and summer break), teachers are piling up work for you to finish within the days before the end of the year. This is where post it “to do” lists come in handy to organize the due dates of things that you have to complete. By having these lists you can visualize everything that has to be finished. Often at this time in the semester we forget certain assignments that we are not reminded of. By having these lists you can avoid missing a assignment or meeting.

These lists do not have to be “to do” either. I have been making lists forever that deal with different things. For instance, I have a list of things that I need for my wardrobe that I will work towards and save money for. You can also make lists to things to pack when going on a trip, grocery lists(if you are on a strict budget), things to save money for, summer plans, job opportunities, and many other things. Lists can help organize your unorganized life. It is a step in the right direction on becoming a more organized person which will essentially help you in the long run. I hope this helps you because it helps me that knowing that all the work that I had to do was finished. This makes you feel more accomplished and proud of yourself that you completed all the tasks you had to.