Maris Callahan, of In Good Taste, understands that the adjustment from life on campus over the school year to living at home for the summer can be tough, especially in the kitchen! You have been used to eating on your own time and making your own food decisions.

Today’s post from Maris, our recipe guru, includes summer recipe ideas that are healthy, delicious, and will prove to your parents that you know a thing or two when it comes to eating right. Thanks Maris!

When you’re home for the summer, it can be hard to re-adjust to living under your parents’ roof–and following their rules. Aside from sharing the car keys and minding curfews, one of the most intimidating parts of returning home for the summer is being back in your parents’ kitchen.

Whether you live in a dorm or an off-campus apartment, most college students have fairly limited resources when it comes to meal preparation. If you’ve mastered cooking with an induction burner and a microwave, you’ll likely face new challenges when you step up to the stove at mom and dad’s.

In order to keep your cooking mojo until it’s time to head back to school for fall semester, try your hand at some of these fresh, simple summer recipes from my website that will wow your family–and might land you dinner duty until August.

Feta Stuffed Turkey Burgers: Give your grill a workout with these tangy turkey burgers that have less fat than a hamburger, but plenty of taste. Top them with crisp red onion and serve on a whole-wheat bun or English muffin for a summer cookout or picnic.

Bacon Potato Salad: If you’re trying to lose your “freshman fifteen” by eating a little bit lighter this summer, you’ll be pleased to know that bacon and potatoes are two foods that don’t need to be off-limits. Lighten this picnic favorite with lower-fat mayonnaise. If you’re watching saturated fat intake, you can substitute turkey bacon–or just limit your portion size to about a half-cup.

Roasted Tomatillo Guacamole: Challenge yourself this summer by cooking with a new ingredient. Tomatillos, which look like tiny green tomatoes, are tangy and add a perfect amount of flavor to guacamole. If you’re having a party or cookout, make a double batch –it will disappear quickly.

Peach Mango Smoothie: Put your blender to work on steamy summer mornings with a beverage that will taste more like a dessert than a morning meal. Full of good-for-you fruit, there is no guilt required to sip this smoothie.

Salmon with Strawberry Salsa: If strawberry picking left you with an abundance of fruit, make a simple strawberry salsa. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy simply grilled seafood and the only better way to enjoy it is with a sassy salsa.


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