So now that I am simply loving being in love and summer is coming around, I decided to take back my craft obsession: friendship bracelet making! I have made so many bracelets over every summer, and I love loading my arm and my ankles up with these colorful strings. In a few weeks we begin our summer, so I have been making bracelets for myself, my roommate, my best friends and my boyfriend! 

To get more inspiration I went over to one of my favorite websites, Pinterest, and typed “friendship bracelets” in the search box. I found one of the most awesome patterns here: the heart shaped friendship bracelet (a simply beautiful bracelet). So as I was working on my boyfriend’s birthday present, I decided to make one for him. Although a heart shaped bracelet for guys doesn’t sound to cool, I decided to make it with dark colors. He picked navy blue and white. Here are some instructions to follow from the blog La Manufacture!



  • First of all you must pick two colors of thread.
  • Then once you have picked these you will bring the thread  from your finger tips all the way to your shoulder and back down to your finger. You will do this twice so then you have four strings all the same length and two of the same color. Fold these in half and tie a loop knot. 
  • For the next part, some people have different methods of starting and setting up a cool work station. Personally, I love tape! Tape is my best friend, and I usually tape my strings to either my desk, my leg, the back of my thread case or wherever I am located at the moment. 
  • Once this is attached you can lay your strings out. The color of the first and eighth one will be the color of the heart in the bracelet.
  • Make your first row by following the instructions for making a row of knots going right and then left. Remember to join the two threads you were knotting with in the middle.
  • Make a second row of knots in the same way, this time with the second color.
  • Take the second string and knot it around the first string going left. Then, take the seventh string and knot it around the eighth string going right.
  •  Fill in the space between the knots you made in step 4 with the first color by knotting the second string around the third and fourth strings going right and then the seventh string around the sixth and fifth strings going left. Join them in the middle. This step forms the top of the heart.
  •  Take the second string and knot it around the first string going left. Knot the seventh string around the eighth going right. This step forms the outermost points of the heart.
  • Fill in the heart with the second color by making two knots to the right with the second string and two knots to the left with the seventh string. Join them in the middle.
  •  To form the bottom of the heart, take the first string and knot it around the second and third strings going right. Next, take the eighth string and knot it around the seventh and sixth strings going left. Join the first and eighth strings in the middle.
So enjoy your bracelets and make tons of them!
Much Love :)