Current Obsessions:

- Bow headbands

- Infinity scarves

- Collared Shirts

- Riding Boots

- Pearls 

As for food, I recently discovered a wonderful treat at my local bakery, macaroons. These little delights crafted with the most delicate attention have become quite the sweet indulgences on my end. Thus I took it upon myself to recreate such a unique trend and surprisingly, came to the realization that macaroons are not that difficult to make at home for a student on a budget.

 Check out this great recipe from Martha Stewart:  

Macaroons make great DIY gifts for friends and family and if you’re like me, I cannot help but bake in my spare time to de-stress. (Well, that’s when I’m not studying) You can simply place your creations in your own packaging and have your guests think it came from Laduree.