You’ve stepped out for class, coffee, or a night out, but your friend wants to leave you a little message on your door for when you come back. So what do you do? Do you hang a small bulletin board on your door or a small whiteboard?

If you’re struggling to choose between the two, we definitely recommend going for the whiteboard. Nowadays, whiteboards come with magnets and dry erase pens, so friends can leave either papers or cute notes! A bulletin board doesn’t make as much sense because if they want to write you a note, your friend would have to get some paper, write the note and then post it. By the time they finish the whole process, you’ll probably be back at your room. So, for your friends’ sake, go with the whiteboard.

Want to get creative? You can purchase generic ‘away messages’ or you can make your own on the computer, like “stepped out to lunch,” “burning off the calories from last night,” “learning about stuff,” “makin’ that dollar,” “library for social hour, I mean work,” etc. Have fun making these little messages. Then hang them on your door when you aren’t around.

Since you won’t have a doormat for your “front door,” decorate the door itself by adding the whiteboard, little messages and maybe even a few pictures. Make it personal. This is the door to your new room; people should know who lives there!