Leaving home for has its advantages, for one you now have complete control over the design of your room, without your parents. Your word is final, so get creative.

You can choose from an unlimited supply of posters that will add style and personality to any bland dorm. With so much variety to choose from, be sure to select something that speaks to who you really are. Posters can be easily framed and mounted to give any bare wall the spark it needs.

If you are feeling more creative try decorating with your own designs, chalkboards are great ways to show off some of that creative talent. Display your creativity for all to see and even ask for help from your friends. This out of the box idea will jumpstart artistic masterpieces and messages from your friends.

Picture frames are another great way to decorate your dorm and a nice way to bring your family and friends with you to your new home at college. Framing photos will create an organized arrangement of your memories, which you will be proud to show off to your friends. With so many options to choose from you can’t go wrong with photos.

White boards and corkboards are not only great ways to fill up empty wall space, but are organizational lifesavers. Everything from your daily class schedule and final term paper to the details for this weekends upcoming parties can be found in this central location, above your desk or near your bed. These boards are by far the most useful items you will hang up on your walls.