I may not still be living in a college dorm room, but if you saw the size of my studio apartment, I might as well be. This weekend, I decided to utilize my space as well as I could. It is my advice, after all, that a home should represent who I am and become the place that I like to walk into everyday.

After the boxes were all unpacked, my clothes were hung up, and my bed frame had been assembled (trust me, not an easy task), one problem still remained: My kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom were all ONE room.

So, I decided to make my space work in the best way possible. I drove to my local Ikea store and picked up this bookshelf in white. I didn’t need it to store books, but I did need a mock wall that would be able to serve as something to divide up the room. These Expedit book shelves are both modern and functional––exactly what I needed.

After two days of building this (and resorting to hammering in those wooden pegs, which you are not supposed to do), the bookshelf was assembled. It made a world of difference. Suddenly, my studio apartment looked like a perfectly divided little home. My quick solution to both breaking up my apartment can be easily done in your dorm room-you just have to be creative and find things to fit your space. And of course you cannot be afraid to use a hammer every once in a while (even when you’re not supposed to).