As I head into my junior year of college, I finally get to live in an apartment.  So how do you make that move from dorm room to an actual apartment?  If this will be your first time living alone, you might want to consider a few things before making the move.

One thing to consider is how to eat healthy!  Living on your own, not being on a meal plan can lead to some bad decisions – aka ordering in dinner every single night.  While I am not a nutritionist, I still think it is safe to say this is a bad idea.  Instead, opt for some healthy cookbooks that can be found in bookstores.  One that I used this summer while living in an apartment in NYC was The Healthy College Cookbook.  It has tons of recipes that are easy and help you stay on track – it also makes for a fun night with your roommates!

Another thing that changes from living in a dorm room to living in your own apartment is styling your space.  It’s a new year and a new space…work with it!  Find bedding that allows versatility – like Dormify’s reversible bedding.  Your bed will most likely be bigger than the twin sized one you had in your dorm room so that means more accessories can be added.  I plan on adding multiple decorative pillows to my bed to add some life to it.

As for the living room of the apartment — play interior decorator and do what you want.  Take control of the room because this is where you will most likely be spending a lot of time.  Make the living room a fun environment for you and your friends – make it the hangout room so when it is the dead of winter you don’t have to  schlep to another friend’s apartment.

Enjoy your new space, your new apartment, and if you are still living in a dorm buy things now you can easily transfer to your apartment!