Summer is definitely my favorite time of year.  I love packing away my winter coats and pulling out my flip flops and bathing suits.  This year I’m living in my college town with four of my best friends for the summer!  I’ve never lived without my parents for an entire summer, and there are some things that were hard to get used to. Cooking for myself had to be one of the hardest.  

I spent my past two years in school living in my sorority house where we had a chef, so there was always something on the table.  My roommates and I have spent our afternoons messing around in the kitchen trying to make something delicious.  We finally came up with some great drink recipes to cool off in the hot sun! (We gave them all names that have to do with summertime too!)

1. Beach Banana.

You start with one chopped up banana, add a cup and a half of vanilla soy milk, two spoonfuls of peanut butter, as much chocolate syrup as you like and blend it all with ice! 

2. Sunshine and Strawberries.

In a blender add four sliced strawberries, about a cup of chopped pineapple, two spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt and a splash of vanilla soy milk. Mix it all up with some ice.

3. Blissful Berries.

Start with a cup of frozen berries (whatever kind you like), add half a cup of plain Greek yogurt, a splash of vanilla soy milk and mix with ice.  

4. Pool O’ Peaches

In a blender add one cut-up peach, two cut-up strawberries, two spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt, ice and a cup of vanilla soy milk.  Mix and enjoy!


I hope you all enjoy these cool-down drinks as much as we do!  Stay cool and don’t forget the sunblock :)