A tiny décor accent, such as a knob on a dresser, can make a world of difference to any room. Trust me, I know your first thoughts when walking into your new dorm room for the first time: “How is this room ever going to be ‘me’?”  You will soon learn that the smallest details in an interior environment can change the entire look or feeling of a room.

Most of us now know that the dorms don’t come with the greatest furniture. Let’s start with your dresser, for example. My guess is your dorm room dresser looks something like this: a plain wood box with matching wooden knobs.  Let’s jazz this piece of furniture up a little.

ATTENTION:  Grab your screwdrivers!

The sky is the limit when looking for a new knob, so go crazy and let your inner style shine! I have listed some of my favorite items to help get you started:

Pottery Barn Teen has a great selection of fun, modern patterned knobs such as their Zebra Knobs & Simple Stripe Knobs pictured below.

The words vintage, feminine and luxurious come to mind when I think of Anthropology, a great staple store for home decor. Visit Anthropologie Home: Hardware for an amazing variety of knob styles.

Some of us may experience dressers and desks that have irremovable hardware.  But DON’T PANIC—the design possibilities are endless. In this case, try other removable hardware options such as hooks or switch plates.

I love these Antique Door Knob Hooks from Urban Outfitters: Room Decor.  They can easily be mounted to a wall, or even your wooden desk or bed.  Hang your jackets, bags, and even your jewelry on them!

Using unique and eye-catching hardware is one of my favorite ways to tie a room together. In the bathroom suite below, I used blush-colored crystal knobs to coordinate with the rug and to give a nice contrast to the white vanity.

ALWAYS REMEMBER design is everywhere and the possibilities are endless.

Questions? Comments? Need more “knob” inspirations?  I would love to hear from you!