Everyone these days has a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all of those types of social networks. How can anyone not love them? You can upload pictures of amazing nights that you never want to forget.

However, I’ve come to find that as much as I love having pictures on my Facebook that I can look back on, I’d love to have more displayed in frames in my room. I’ve also really grown a love for scrap-booking. During the school year, it’s obviously too time consuming to do, but since it’s summer, scrap-booking is a fun way to pass time and do something different! I do a scrapbook after every year of school. I started doing it after I graduated high school. I look back at them all of the time, and they always bring a smile to my face. So I thought I’d share some of my scrap-booking ideas with you guys.

The first thing to do is to print all the photos you want included in your scrapbook. Printing photos is really cheap. I usually go to Target to print them out. You can choose photos straight from your Facebook page or you can choose them straight from the Target photo page online. (The link for that site is: http://www.target.com/c/target-photo/-/N-5a1wg ) Each print ranges from 11 cents to 30 cents. Also, when you print them in a store like Target, the quality is so much better than if you just print them off your computer. So, I highly recommend getting your prints from Target. Random thing to remember: Check the photo section hours because they are different than the store hours! 

Second, check your newspaper on Sundays for coupons for stores like Michael’s. Scrap-booking materials can get expensive, but every week I’ve seen Michael’s coupons for 40 percent off any regular priced item or a certain percentage off your entire purchase. At Michael’s, I get the scrapbook, stickers, background pages and anything else that I can use to make my scrapbook as creative as possible. I love getting the letter stickers! They are a lot of fun to decorate the page with. 

Last, create your pages! For all of my scrapbooks, I create a new layout each time. Sometimes I set the pictures in a collage form. Sometimes I write memories around one picture. As long as you like it, any layout is good! I also like to put quotes that go along with the pictures on the page. Just in case I forget or need a good laugh. Oh, and a random tip, I always put good music on while I’m doing it, which makes the process also more enjoyable.  

Scrapbooks not only are great for keeping for yourself, but they also make great gifts. I made one for my boyfriend and one of my friends for her 21st birthday. Not only is it creative, but it’s also extremely thoughtful and the person receiving it will appreciate it more than you know. 

P.S. While scrapbooks are fun, they can’t be displayed in your room. Print out pictures to put in frames as well! Here’s the link to Dormify’s fun and trendy frames: http://www.dormify.com/dorm-and-apartment/desk/frames 

Happy scrap-booking! :)