Are you having trouble finding a cute inexpensive lamp shade for your room? Here is an inexpensive way to make your own personalized, fabulous lamp shade! All you need is a plain lamp shade, a glue gun or fabric glue and your choice of trim!

For my room I choose to adorn a plain white lamp shade that I found at Target, with pom-pom trimming. You can also use grow-grain ribbon, dangling crystals, or sequins. Some other stores to find plain lamp shades are stores like Wal-mart, Kmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond and TJ Maxx. 

As for the trimming, any craft store such as Michael’s Crafts and Hobby Lobby are the perfect places to look for ribbon and other extras for decorating with!

Once you have your supplies, take the plain lamp shade and line the bottom of the shade with a thin line of glue. Both a glue gun or fabric glue work great! As you line the bottom of the shade, place the ribbon on top and continue around the bottom exterior of the lamp. As you do so, press the ribbon down on the shade firmly into the glue so it sticks. Within minutes you will transform your plain, ordinary lamp into a fun and stylish lamp shade with some personal flair! 

Here are some step by step pictures below! 





4. The finished product!

you can use pom-poms, sequins or any other kind of trim!