This blog is for all the music lovers out there, particularly the ones like me, who have an insatiable need and love to collect vinyl records, old and new. I picked this hobby up a little over a year ago when I first bought my boyfriend a portable record player for Christmas, and have loved it ever since. It’s a dangerously addictive hobby, I might add, because depending on where you shop for these records, you can find many for around $3-4 bucks! Putting me in a record store is comparable to sticking a kid in a candy store; it gets pretty crazy.

 I’ve now gotten to the point where I have a little collection accumulating, which excites me (nerd, I know), so I wanted to find a way to display all of my lovely album covers, which I find in themselves to be masterpieces along with the music they all encase. Of course, being a college student in a dorm, the first place to come to mind for displaying them are my drab white walls… the less I see of them, the better! I wanted to find a sturdy, and unique way to display my albums, but without spending a lot of money, time, and most importantly, without putting any holes in the wall! This was such a fun, easy, and QUICK project to accomplish, that cost me in total around $25-30 bucks. So if you’ve got a free weekend to adventure to a local record store with a friend, a big empty wall, and about 30 minutes, you’ve got yourself a new, totally decked out and personalized album art exhibit. 



No idea where to go for records? If you’re in the DC metro area, there are a few near the Dupont Circle metro station, like Smash! and Crooked Beat. Smash! has a fantastic collection of records, and some great deals are possible to be found there, but for the most part, the average album cost is $13. Crooked Beat is smaller, but has much better prices (average album around $6), as well as a collection of some unique and funky clothes and accessories. My current favorite record store of the dc metro area is Joe’s Record Paradise though. Joe’s Record Paradise is quite possibly the biggest record store in the area, with practically every major genre of music available, new, and old. On top of that, these albums (most) are very fairly priced, with the most expensive record I purchased there coming in at $8. Best of all, it’s located in downtown Silver Spring, so it’s also easily accessible by way of metro.


The magic behind this project:

3M Command hooks

3M Command Metal/Plastic Utensil Hooks  ( – cost around $4 a pack (3 per pack)


Once you’ve picked out your albums you want to show off, all that’s left to pick up are these little hooks. I had six albums picked out that I could fit on my wall space, so I bought four packs to make sure that I had two hooks for each album to rest on. The great thing about these hooks are that they are reusable, and have disposable double-sided sticky strips that are very sturdy, and easily removable from all wall surfaces. 


Next steps:

Now that you’ve got your albums and hooks/sticky strips, all that’s left to do is hang them!

*Follow the directions given on how to properly stick the strips onto the back of the hooks that are provided on the back of the packages… 

1. Before you put the hooks on the wall, it’s a good idea to plan out where exactly you want each album to be. I did this all just by “eye-balling” it, and didn’t make any marks on my wall to help guide me, but that may also be helpful as well. If you opt to do that, just make two tiny dots at the bottom of where the album would be on the wall (this will help to ensure a straight hanging job when it comes time to placing the hooks on the wall).


2. After you have the sticky strips on the back of the hooks, carefully and neatly stick one hook onto the wall at a time.
*It’s a good idea to stick them on very gently at first, in case one hook needs to be adjusted
*I spaced the hooks out so that they were about 1.5″ in from the left and right bottom corners of each album. 

(if you mess up a hook for whatever reason, like I did from trying to do everything without tools, no worries, the packages come with extra sticky strips!)


3. Once you’ve got your first album up, the process will start to pick up and it will be easy to plot out the rest of your albums on the wall based off the positioning of the first one.
*Helpful hint: if you bought any double albums like I did, you’re probably wondering why they won’t stay put, and keep falling down off the wall. They’re too heavy for the angle in which they’re sitting in the hooks, so just take one of the extra sticky strips, and gently apply it to the back of those albums, with the tab for pulling it off the wall facing UPWARD (so you’ll be able to actually get it off when the time comes).


The finished product: