Let me start off by saying, I am no  “Martha Stewart.” My knowledge of arts and crafts extends merely to my Pinterest board, and while I am great at coming up with cute craft ideas, my imagination always exceeds my execution. Recently, I’ve seen so many amazing and innovative craft ideas online that I can’t wait to make for my dorm this year at UGA. Each craft comes with detailed instructions and pictures of how to achieve the desired look. Sounds easy right? WRONG. Websites like Pinterest, as amazing as they may be, forget that most of us are “normal girls” not “Stepford Wives” and while picking up a pair of scissors may be easy, they often fail to mention that with those scissors we must perform feats of acrobatic proportion. In this post, I’ve highlighted two of the crafts my roommate and I have tackled so far while also addressing some of the problems we’ve had along the way.


The Pro’s Take:


My Take:


As soon as we saw the many chevron crafts on Pinterest, my roommate and I knew we wanted to incorporate the idea into our space. We also fell in love with the idea of button letters that we see so often sold in stores or online. So naturally, we just meshed the two ideas together! We began by buying simple white canvases, two paint colors and a pack of white buttons. Overall, we spent between $15 – $20 dollars, a steal compared to the letter canvases you often see in stores. The process was easier than expected, but my advice is to definitely not free-hand the chevron pattern. We achieved the pattern by creating a type of stencil with paper, but I have also seen duck tape used to achieve the same look. After letting it dry, we traced our initials and applied the buttons with glue. Simple right? I would recommend this craft for everyone and compared to most I would say it is surprisingly easy to make. Just make sure to set aside a couple of hours and remember patience is key!

Instructions for Chevron canvas can be found at Totally Love It.  

Instructions for Button letters can be found at Modern Mommyhood.


The Pro’s Take

My Take 

My idea for making this earring holder comes from Just Flew The Coop.  The website includes step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand and also a list of the required materials needed to create your new earring holder. I chose to buy an old barn wood frame instead of painting a new one to create a more vintage feel. The earring holder works great and is ADORABLE sitting in my room. So on a scale of 1 to 10, how hard was this craft for a normal girl to do on her own?….. 12! While the craft ultimately turned out better than I expected, the process was long and hard. The success can be mostly contributed to help from my dad who is the “ultimate handy man.” So you’re going to need a partner for this one. Here are some of the problems I faced along the way. The chicken wire is extremely hard to keep stretched across the frame. This is why having a partner helps to stretch the wire so you can use the staple gun. Also, cutting the chicken wire can be difficult and you will definitely need a strong pair of pliers. Lastly, chicken wire HURTS. It is extremely sharp so be prepared to get stabbed by the ends at least 1000 times along the way. My best advice for creating this craft is to take your time so you don’t injure yourself or others. 

So to all the normal girls out there….CRAFT ON! While the process may be hard and can even result in injury, the pride and joy you’ll feel seeing your new creation hanging in your dorm room this fall will be worth it!