At AEPHi at Syracuse, we like to go all out for our new littles! Some call them littles, some call them daughters, and some call them babies, but for this post’s sake, let’s call them littles!  The whole point of big-little is to spoil your little and get them gifts.At Syracuse, we have three days of big-little where we make baskets and fill them with gifts. Each day is a different theme: princess, AEPHI, and then the third day is to make it personal. So how do you do this without the costs going through the roof? One of the best little secrets is to go to a dollar store. I have found that dollar stores are perfect places to buy candy and little gifts to put into the baskets. Another secret? Recycle and reuse. Have baskets from last year? When are you ever going to use them again? Save all of your stuff so that you can use it next year.

Everyone knows that the gifts are a secret and what is a good way to keep them undisclosed throughout the process? Why not do some serious Facebook stalking to try and see what they like, find out who their best friend is from home so they can fill you in on their favorite color, snacks, movies, etc. The last essential things to add to big-little week are the Dormify Greek letter posters.

Big-Little Week has passed, but it is always good to keep these ideas in your back pocket for next year. Enjoy making the baskets and enjoy your new family members!