Everyone knows that summer is the time to do what you want, when you want. Yeah, maybe you have a job working at a day camp or an internship for a few days a week (like me here at the Dormify office!), but still – there’s no homework to worry about, no stress and no obligations. So why not take advantage of these few months of freedom before real life starts up again? This summer, before my friends and I all leave home for our college destinations across the country, we decided to make a summer bucket list of crazy, random and fun activities to do together. Here are a few of my favorites from the list:

1)    DIY art projects! We want to melt crayons on a canvas for our dorm rooms, and tie-dye some Hanes white T-shirts to wear around campus next year! These activities are fun bonding time for us before we leave, and the projects we make will come in handy in college!

2)    Kayaking! We’ve been discussing this one for a while. Not sure why it’s kayaking in particular that my friends and I are dying to do, but whatever outdoor activity your group of friends comes up with will work! The weather is beautiful, so get outside and get some exercise. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

3)    Have a picnic! You and your besties can make a day of this. Go grocery shopping together, pack up some lunches and snacks and head to a local park or beach. Then relax and enjoy the food you prepared – and lots of laughs!


4)    Go to an outdoor concert! We chose ID Fest in July on Long Island. The concert will be a lasting memory right before you leave. Just pray it doesn’t rain!

Whatever you and your friends decide to put on your bucket list, chances are you’ll have a great time not only doing the activities but making the list itself! Enjoy!