It’s no secret that I absolutely adore scarves. Winter scarves, tie scarves, square scarves, pashmina, silk, cotton scarves—you name it, I love it. The problem? I rarely wear scarves.

For some reason, when it comes to adding a beautiful scarf from my massive collection, it never falls right with my outfit and I can’t bring myself to wear it.

Recently, it became trendy to tie silk scarves around a handle of a purse or tote to add a pop of color but most of the time I can’t even manage that. My solution? I use scarves like crazy around my apartment. Each one brings back a memory of when and where I bought it (I buy a lot of scarves when I travel) and I love having them around.

Indeed, scarves lend themselves beautifully to home (or dorm) décor. They’re like little swatches of glamour that you can put just about anywhere. The only challenge is balancing them around your space in a way that won’t resemble some sort of a backroom at a burlesque club. An easy way to manage this is to completely avoid hanging scarves from the ceiling or to a wall (sometimes a smart tapestry-style scarf can hang tastefully, but it’s difficult to pull off). Instead, tie them to chair backs and bed posts or use them as surface coverings at your desk or nightstand, especially if it’s a piece of furniture that you regularly keep things under.

I, for one, throw all of my shoes under my door-side table as soon as I get home and that’s where they stay until the next time I wear them. A large square scarf over the table reaches down to the floor and covers up my pile of shoes perfectly.

I also love to layer scarves that are made out of different materials with different patterns to create a really chic aesthetic in my home. I currently have a silk leopard print scarf (I bought it at H&M a few years ago on the cheap) underneath a red paisley scarf that I bought off the street (also on the cheap) layered on my television shelving unit. The look is surprisingly fun and sophisticated and all of my books and DVDs are well-hidden.

Maybe someday I’ll grow into my scarf collection and be able to wear them out, but for now I’m completely happy just getting them out of my closet and keeping them around my apartment in ways that reflect my personal style (and hide all my stuff)!

Do you have any creative ways to use your fashion accessories as home accessories? If so, please let us know!