Anyone who has lived in the white box cubicle known as a dorm room knows the walls can be extremely bland if you don’t spice them up with your own style.  One wall décor that is perfect for making cement walls a lot more comforting to look at are tapestries.  They can be hung over or next to your bed, have millions of patterns that suit your personal style, and add energy and fun to a dull dorm room. 

This is one  of my favorite tapestries found in my sorority house:

Tapestries are also fun and easy to make yourself.  All you have to do is find a large white cotton top sheet, which can be found at any store like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.  Buy a tye-dye kit from a store like Michaels and go crazy! You can do any pattern you like and the sheet makes a perfect wall decoration.  Check out this site for help on different patterns.  This one below was made by a girl in my sorority at summer camp!

You can match your tapestry to your bedspread or go with a crazy, funky pattern.  They are also fun to take pictures in front if you have a blank wall in your apartment! What do you think of tapestries? Would you use them to decorate your space?