It’s never too early to start thinking about next year, which for some, means a new living arrangement. Some will continue to stay in the dorms, some will move into apartments or sorority houses, and some will move into off-campus housing with their friends. My “housing dreams” are coming true, as I am finally am moving into an apartment with two of my best friends! Last week we went to view our future apartment; naturally we spent an hour online shopping and discussing how we wanted to decorate. I loved our soon-to-be space but as someone who loves interior design, I faced an immediate problem: empty, white, walls. The extent of the current owners décor included hanging curtains…and that’s it. Luckily, my future roomies and I all agree that we want to break in the space and make it comfortable, homey, and super fashionable. I know it’s still a little early, but I found some easy, cheap (perfect for us college students), DIY projects that double as awesome wall décor!

Moving into apartments from dorms is definitely an upgrade into a nicer living position: your own room, a kitchen, only sharing a bathroom with ONE other person!! This means it is also time for a style upgrade. We want to aim for something a little classier than the average college poster décor. The first idea I found is a DIY collage. All you need are a few different size shoebox lids and your choice of fabric or paint and tape. The shoebox lids double as canvas and you can cover them with any design you like. Here is an awesome picture along with DIY instructions.

  Another similar idea is taking posters of funky prints similar to that of above, or again pieces of fabric. All you have to do is buy large cheap frames and viola -sophisticated wall art.


One last way to add style to a seriously lacking space is by using wall decals. With the help of your roomies, pick an accent wall and cover the entire space with temporary wallpaper. My favorite is one of Dormify’s very own temporary wallpaper: 


 Or for all you pink lovers out there…


 A few tips: make sure to choose patterns that compliment each other-you want your walls to appear classy, not cluttered. It is also important to choose a color scheme of a base color and 2 or 3 accents. Stick to your scheme! Lastly, when choosing an accent wall try to pick an area not intruded with windows. A smooth surface in a common area, behind a couch for example, would be perfect.  

With these easy and oh-so-cute ideas your apartment could be in the running for “most stylish space”-if you can beat me that is. ;-) If you start designing and shopping over spring break you will be 100% ready to tackle move-in time! Can anyone say, “Wine and cheese welcome party?”