As the semester comes to a close and finals are here, it is important to stay organized and know everything you have on your plate. Instead of offering a slew of different ideas to stay organized, I’m going to stick with just one.

IDEA! With all the events and assignments coming up within the last weeks of the semester, it’s important to know the times and places of everything you have coming up. I keep all my assignments and events up-to-date on my dry-erase calendar, but sometimes it can get hectic and make me stressed about how much there is to do. So another way to stay on track without being overwhelmed is to create a sticky note calendar!

Sticky Note Calendars are a great alternative to stay organized! After each day that passes you can just throw out the sticky note for that day.

Here are some examples of sticky note calendars you can recreate!

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Aren’t you ready to peel off that final sticky for your final exam? Imagine how much relief it will bring… Good luck organizing, everyone!