If you’re looking for a way to be different and creative this year with your gift-giving, I have the perfect solution. Wrapping gifts in the same old boring Holiday paper can become stale, and has the potential to mix up gifts! Why not think of a better way to wrap your holiday gifts this year?


First idea… take plain brown paper or different wrapping paper like money paper and wrap your gift. Add a bow or ribbon to the present and voila! You now have a simple, yet creatively wrapped gift!


My next idea is for if you have a smaller gift. Why don’t you put it in a can? Decorate it with green paper, and add a Christmas tree on the front, or with blue paper with a handmade Jewish star. Add a bow to the top – and there you go!


If your gift is equipped with its own small box, you can choose to decorate the top rather than wrapping the whole thing. Let the box speak for itself! Vary your decorations according to the gift’s recipient. It will be sure to add an unexpected pop to your present-giving!


Lastly, you can lights in a cool pattern instead of a simple bow. As you can see in the picture below, this could work with any possible wrapping paper. Add a ribbon around the present and then glue the light bulbs to the top.


Decorating gifts can be fun and express your personal style. People will appreciate your creativity and even if it goes horribly wrong, remember – it’s the thought that counts! Gift It Up!