Great finds for your room don’t just have to come from stores or flea markets. Because, let’s be honest, I don’t think that doing well on a Biology test––while important––does anything to enhance your cash flow in the short term.

My solution: Turn non-art items into your own art. Things that catch your eye, that you never knew, could add a little bit of extra style to your space.

Examples? Easy. Let’s say you’re reading through your favorite magazine and a really cool ad or picture catches your eye. Tear it out and turn it into a piece of artwork that can be framed and displayed. Another? A lot of times when you buy something it will come with a cool freebie or in a fun bag. Take something free and frame it. One of my friends took a free “S” that came along with a pair of earrings she bought and framed it. To someone else, this could easily be thrown away. But, to her, this was art. Not only does it look cool but it adds personality in her room.

Another friend recently went abroad and took a lot of cool shots that she later uploaded to her computer, then changed all the black and white photos to be neon colored. She calls them her own originals, and when hung up, they add a lot of style to her room.

That’s the best thing about art––there are really no guidelines. And, all your friends will be super jealous of your unique style…and of course your room.