Have you ever wondered how the girls on television and movies look so awesome as they study? Sure, part of it is that they have a stylist choosing their clothing but they have another secret: they don’t wear sweatpants just because they’re going to the library. There’s always the temptation to wear your comfiest look when you’ll be holed up to write your papers, but who knows if you might see the campus cutie in the stacks!

Rather than wear your trusty yoga pants and sweatshirt next time you hit the books, take a page out of these TV/movie characters’ book and dress for success!

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Pretty Little Liars

These girls have the right idea! Even for a night of studying, they are dressed up, with their hair in place. Try it on your own by adopting Spencer’s signature updo. Try gathering your hair like you would to make a ponytail then twist it into a tight rope. Begin to wrap the rope around the base of your hair to form a bun at the nape of your neck. This style will look more sophisticated than a drab ponytail but your hair will still be off of your face and won’t distract you as you try to study.

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Beauty and the Beast

The quintessential bookish girl, Belle, is every geeky girl’s favorite princess. Here she shows all of us that dresses are great library wear! Taking a cue from Belle, think about what your surroundings will look like and dress accordingly. Will it be really cold in the library? Wear a long-sleeved frock. Not sure what the temperature will be? Get the best of both worlds by wearing a short-sleeved dress and cover up with a matching sweater.

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The Breakfast Club

This cult favorite can provide great inspiration for your next library trip! Be true to your personal style, just like Claire and Alison, but don’t slip into what’s most comfy. Skirts, dresses and boots can be just as comfortable as your favorite sweatshirt. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your own rebel boy in the stacks and you won’t want to meet him wearing unflattering clothes!

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The Prince and Me

For the final inspiration, I looked to Julia Stiles, the queen of teen movies. In The Prince and Me she shows us one way to wear jeans without looking sloppy. While I wouldn’t suggest the jean-on-jean look she’s sporting, pairing a jacket with jeans is a great way to pull your look together. The jacket allows you to be comfortable if the library is chilly but doesn’t look as bulky as a sweatshirt.

With finals quickly approaching, I hope you’ll put all of these movie inspirations to use as you study. Going to the library doesn’t mean having to wear ugly sportswear!