There are a lot of aspects to decorating your dorm room that are important; but one of the most important ones is your bed. Your bed says a lot about you: it can reveal your favorite colors, your interests, even your personality. Your bed should be a place where you feel most comfortable.

When my friends step inside of my room at school, they almost can’t believe it’s a dorm room. They are instantly in shock at how homey my room is. But my favorite part of new friends seeing my room for the first time is the look on their faces when they see my bed. They always smile and say, “That is SO you

The first step in creating the ultimate “crib” was finding a comforter that fit my personality. This was a little tough at first, so I started looking in places I wouldn’t necessarily think would have bedding. After a lot of searching, I finally found my perfect comforter at Victoria’s Secret. They have some great, funky bedding, if you love pink like me. dELiA*s also has a really great selection of fun comforters and bedding to fit any style.

Insider Information!: Since I have the inside scoop at Dormify, as a Style Advisor, I can let you know that the bedding line that they are launching this spring is seriously amazing. I’m looking forward to mixing and matching Dormify patterns for my sophomore year bedding

Once you’ve picked your comforter and bedding, you should jazz it up with some pillows that will fit your personality as well. Your pillows are a chance for you to have some fun with your bedding.

To fit my very “out there” personality, I found some zebra pillows at a Marshalls store. You can even get a pillow that you can put a picture of your friends or family on! PBteen has the most amazing pillows and pillowcases (along with absolutely gorgeous bedding) for your dorm room! Bed Bath & Beyond also has loads of fantastic decorative pillows to help you spice up your space.

As for the wall next to your bed, this is what you will see first thing when you wake up, so you should make it fabulous. I love France and fashion, so, on the walls next to my bed, I have cute haute-couture art. No matter what your interests may be, PBteen and Bed Bath & Beyond also have tons of art that will suit any style. (Not to mention, of course, Dormify’s incredibly decorative wall letters in so many colors and styles.

Which Dormify letters do you think I should get for my room? My initials? My nickname, Dani? Or should I spell out a word on my wall? I will, of course, be ordering these in the pinkberry color!!