Rush can be a long and tiring process but it is well worth it, and it is just the beginning of making best friends that you’ll have for life! After shopping for the perfect bedding for your dorm room, printing out all your pictures for frames and buying the perfect dress for rush, you seem all set for your freshman year, though as the weeks wind down and rush gets closer and closer you may not feel as prepared as you thought! No need to worry though because hopefully after reading this “guide to going Greek,” you’ll feel more confident and ready than ever to find the house that will become your home for the next four years and the girls who will become your sisters for life!

The paperwork:

Before rush, it is important to get together all your paperwork- that is your rush resume and reference letters! Make sure you have a resume with your picture, address, high school GPA, a list of high school and outside activities; and if you’re a legacy to some sororities, put a list of family members with their Greek affiliation (if your not a legacy, it’s no big deal!). You will send this resume in when you register for rush, and you will send it to friends and family that you ask to write you a reference letter! It’s a great way to show your involvement and give a little outline of who you are!

Reference letters are great to have and something I would recommend but not completely necessary. Each sorority treats reference letters differently. Reference letters are written by a friend, family member or acquaintance who is a sorority alumnus. The letter usually outlines your character, work ethic, involvement or any other details that show why you would be a great member for their sorority! Make sure you ask for a reference letter early enough, so that they have enough time to write it and send it in. Along with your rush resume, give the person a stamped envelope, addressed to your school’s Panhellenic address. And, it’s always nice to send a thank you letter after they have taken the time to write a letter on your behalf!

The attitude:

Rush can be an emotional roller coaster, but just remember it is only one week and it all works out in the end! The days can be long, tiring and hot, but you only go through rush once so it’s best to be positive and put your best foot forward! It’s really important to always walk in and out of each house with a smile on your face. You may feel like your’re the only one who is feeling emotionally drained, but all the girls are going through the same thing you are. Even the girls inside the houses who are rushing you are having a tough and tiring week! Keep in mind that you’re all incoming freshmen and new to college and the rush process! Take advantage of meeting people along the way, because you might have your new best friend sitting right next to you in your Pi Chi group! 

The wardrobe:

Each school has a different schedule for rush and somewhat of a different dress code. Check online, on your school’s Panhellenic website for a slideshow or pictures of “what to wear” or a list of wardrobe tips for each day. You might also receive weekly emails with pictures or tips on what to wear after you sign up for rush! At Auburn, we have Ice Water Teas where you wear a sundress, then Philanthropy day where you wear a nice pair of shorts and a t-shirt given to you by Panhellenic, then Skit day where you wear a nice cocktail dress and finally Preference Day when you wear a nice black cocktail dress. Like I said, each school varies though as you progress through the week, the dress usually gets more formal. As for Bid Day, it’s usually just casual attire because it’s a fun day of jumping and screaming after you open your bid!  

The tools:

Lastly, it is definitely helpful to be prepared with a bag of necessary snacks and items to keep you looking and feeling your best throughout the day!

Here is my list of important things to keep in your bag during rush:



-blotting pads

-little bag of touch-up makeup and mini mirror


-water and snacks (almonds, protein bar, pretzels)

-journal (to write down things you talked about in each sorority after you leave, what they wore, their philanthropy etc. so you don’t mix sororities up and remember each at the end of the day!)

-flip flops (if your wearing heels into a party, bring flip flops to put on in between)


Last but not least, HAVE FUN and BE YOURSELF! It’s just the beginning of the best four years of your life!