If you’re reading this, I’m going to guess you’re about to go through the crazy, roller coaster ride that is sorority recruitment. And my first tip is essential: breaaatthhheee. This time last year I had absolutely no idea what recruitment would be like, but having it behind me now, I want to attempt to ease some of your minds as you tease your hair and apply pearls to your Sunday’s finest.


They Won’t Bite

Don’t worry! Believe it or not, sorority recruitment won’t feel as intimidating as the Phi Iota Mu’s in The House Bunny or as scary as Sorority Row. In fact, most of the girls are more than excited to get new members into their house and will greet you with cheers and chants that will immediately make you feel at ease. The main tip here is to just walk in already showing a cool, comfortable demeanor. These girls are just like you! A third of them were in your position just last year after all.


Look Em Up And Down

Right now you may feel like you have to be the one to impress all the houses you visit, but keep in mind that you should be analyzing all of those houses right back. It’s easy to get caught up in the prettiest house, or the most laid back one. But really look around and make sure that the girls you see are girls you know you’ll feel comfortable around post-Bid Day. You’ll be spending the majority of your collegiate time with them, so make sure it’s a match!


Dress to Impress

This one is fairly common knowledge. While you never want to sacrifice who you are during recruitment, keep in mind that all the other girls you’ll be going through recruitment with will be dressed to the nines—so show up in your best to stand out! Make sure you’re being stylish whilst staying true to your self.


Conversation Starters

If you ever feel like your conversation is hitting a wall with the girl you’re talking to, just start asking questions about herself and her sorority! A sorority girl with pride will jump at the chance to spew love of her chapter and the sisterhood she’s found there. Plus, these are things you want to be asking anyway to ensure that it’s the right fit!


Three Essentials

Keep eye contact, have comfortable body language and always remember that a girl’s best accessory is her smile. Use all three to your advantage and play up the pep. Again, stay true to who you are, but sororities as a whole are energetic environments and showing that outgoing side during recruitment will take you far. If your nerves are taking you over, just fake a cool confidence until you yourself start to believe it. As long you exude positive energy, it’ll be nothing but infectious.  


Not All That Glitters is Pink

It’s easy to want that Elle Woods sorority house and to fall for its charm and glow. But I’ve come to find that, within just one year of being in my house of Kappa Alpha Theta and being a member of the charter class at my school, that not all sororities should be seen through pink glossy goggles. It’s again the essential idea of analyzing what house fits you and where you will be happiest. It may be that “rah-rah!” type of house like in Legally Blonde or it could be something entirely different. Regardless, jump into recruitment headfirst and be open minded to what your future could hold in Greek life. And please, don’t forget to breaaatthhheee.