Congratulations! You’ve made it through recruitment and you have your new letters. Greek Life is undoubtedly different at every school, but we all have seen the images on TV shows and movies with the crazy, no-rule, no consequence sorority life. This could not be further from the truth. As you go through these next few weeks until initiation here’s a quick guide as to what comes next…

Don’t Be “That” Girl

Everyone knows what I’m talking about. The girl who joined a sorority for one reason and one reason alone. Regardless of your previous intentions, realize that a sorority is about sisterhood first and foremost- not how many frat boys you can meet on any given Friday night. A sisterhood takes time to nurture and become strong like you’ve heard. So spend time with your sisters, not the boys. 


Take Advantage of the Opportunities

There are so many leadership opportunities now available to you! Take advantage of them! Not only is running for Exec, or a committee a great option, but you have numerous internships, sorority councils, Panhellenic councils, student organizations, student government, etc. etc. I can almost guarantee at least one of your new sisters is involved with any given organization. Go to her. Get involved! 


Follow the Rules

Surprise! Sororities have rules (and sometimes very strict ones). Follow them. It’s too soon to be finding what rules you can and cannot break and it could affect your initiation chances. Be on your best behavior. A lot of sororities have electronic monitoring (they’ll check your Facebook and twitter), follow those rules too. And think about your future. You really don’t want employers seeing those booze-soaked nights do you? 


Have Fun!

Buy the sorority swag! Show your pride! (and check out: Dormify’s Sorority Swag) Go to the functions, mixers, sisterhood events. Live with your sisters. Take part in those silly, but substantial philanthropies (I ended up in a pit of jello raising money for kids with cancer!)  These girls will be your sisters for life, so go have fun with them. No regrets, right?