Unless your college or university has already participated in Fall formal sorority recruitment this month, for most of us, recruitment is only a week to two weeks away.  Besides picking out your perfect sundress and heels, do not forget about these small, helpful things to ultimately help you survive the lengthy and stressful rounds of sorority rush! 

  1. Hairbrush: Humidity is not a girl’s best friend. By the end of the second round, your fly-aways will be uncontrollable and the frizz serum will only last so long! Make sure you pack a brush or comb to help tame your hair so the last house you go to gets your same beautiful appearance as the first house of the day.
  2. Oil Absorbing Sheets: By the time all the PNMs have entered the house along with the other hundred girls from the sorority, the heat will start to get to you and oily skin will be unavoidable. Take a quick trip to Target before recruitment begins and grab a pack of Clean and Clears oil absorbing sheets to help not only save your face during rounds, but also remove that extra, unwanted grease that can produce acne later on. 
  3. Cough Drops: I am convinced by the end of the first round of rush, I definitely sounded like a middle aged man that smoked four packs of cigarettes per day… The houses will get LOUD, and as a result, you will end up screaming just to be able to be heard by the sisters you may be speaking to. Be prepared: you will lose your voice and you will probably even get sick. Try to beat the sore throat and pack a few bags of cough drops to help once your throat starts getting scratchy.
  4. Band-Aids: As excited as we all are to wear our new heels when recruitment approaches, new shoes means new blisters. Stock up on waterproof band-aids to help ease the pain!
  5. Gum/Mints: Mostly self-explanatory, but you definitely do not want to forget a pack of gum or mints so there is no awkward moments because of bad breath…
  6. Mini Deodorant: Although it is gross, everyone will get sweaty during rounds. Avoid being that girl who smells and just pack a travel size deodorant to help you stay fresh at all times, you definitely will not regret it.
  7. Notebook & Pen: Most colleges’ formal recruitment programs provide small notepads with each sorority listed and a place to write notes after each round. However, it is always a good idea to be prepared in case a notebook and pens are not provided. Although it may seem unnecessary, you will realize once the first day is done that you really need to keep notes to help remember your feelings after meeting with each sorority. Taking notes will also help you avoid relying on other PNM’s opinions and biases and just focusing on your own connections with the sororities.
  8. SNACKS: Make sure to pack little snacks and some candy to help you keep your energy up and munch throughout the day! No one wants to be hungry and grumpy! 

Packing these few items will definitely help make sorority recruitment this fall a little easier and a little less stressful. Despite the heat and the long days, rush will be a rewarding experience that you will not regret! Good luck!